Atlantis City

Atlantis City

Atlantis City is the Hercules: The Animated Series version of the city of Atlantis.

Instead of being a powerful civilization, Atlantis is here portrayed as an island seaport city largely influenced by Atlantic City, New Jersey.


The most prominent building in Atlantis City is Croesus Tower, home and office of the richest man in the world and city's owner Croesus.

The island city is also home to numerous seaside stores and restaurants, with tourism being its most prominent industry.


Hercules and the Big SinkEdit

During a visit to Atlantis City, HerculesIcarus and Cassandra are met by Homer, who wishes to publicize Cassandra's abilities of prediction. Cassandra ends up making a false prediction on the spot, claiming that Atlantis City will sink into the sea.

With the island quickly losing tourists, its owner Croesus eventually becomes desperate to discredit Cassandra and abducts her for soon after beg the helps of Hades and The Fates in order to discredit her as well: Hades rents out Pain and Panic to him, and the Fates show publicly that Atlantis is tightly wound in the Tapestry of Fate.

He calls hence Poseidon to eliminate Hercules who was seeking Cassandra, and Poseidon sends the monster Scylla to attack Hercules. During the monster's battle with Hercules, The Tapestry of Fate ends up being severely damaged with Atlantis City being removed from its pictures and so the city really sinks - though most of its inhabitants still present are evacuated successfully just in time.

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