Ancient Greece

Ancient Greece

Ancient Greece is the main setting of the film Hercules and the animated series of the same name. It is the homeland of the hero Hercules and the other characters from the film and series.

Locations in Ancient GreeceEdit

Mount OlympusEdit

Main article: Mount Olympus


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Phil's IslandEdit

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Main article: Thebes

Prometheus AcademyEdit

Main article: Prometheus Academy


Athens is the capitol and largest city of Greece, dedicated to Athena.


Cave of the FatesEdit


Gorgon LandEdit

The homeland of the Gorgons which first appeared in Hercules and the Gorgon. Medusa lives in these lands along with many petrified warriors that she accidentally turned to stone.

Grove of DespairEdit

Realm of MonstersEdit

A dark and ominous forested region that is ruled by Echidna, the mother of all monsters.


A newly built Godless city that was in need of a deity to lead it. When the citizens mistake Icarus for a God he begins improving the city's image and culture.


The most militant city in Greece, dedicated to Ares.


The Edge of the WorldEdit


Trojan AcademyEdit


T.Z.I. FridayEdit

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